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Debra French Pope

Nonprofit Expert, Strategic Planner, and Growth Developer






Collier County, Florida

A Bit About Me

Debra French Pope has been serving as a case worker a St. Matthews house for several years. While serving there she also found other opportunities to help with nonprofit work at St. Matthew’s House, City Vision University, the Greater Naples Music Foundation and MusicScores! During her time assisting these nonprofits she became proficient in developing growth and strategic planning. Her desires is to provide quality consultations that can assist in starting a nonprofit, or strategically planning, and developing nonprofits.

Work Experience

St. Matthew's House

St. Matthew’s House began in 1987 when a group of Naples parishioners followed a calling to bring food to a homeless population living in a nearby wooded area. The “Task Force for the Homeless” began gathering contributions of both food and clothing, establishing the mission’s food pantry. Throughout the years, community support has helped grow the small mission into a multi-faceted organization focused on spiritual change.

City Vision University

City Vision was initially founded to provide online Christian education to staff at evangelical organizations serving the poor as well as their program participants. While this still remains a core focus, we have since expanded to also provide Christian education to students pursuing nonprofit and counseling careers.

Greater Naples Music Foundation

The Mission of The Music Foundation of Greater Naples is to support music education and performance, to provide scholarships, and to engage in collaborative outreach efforts within Naples and its neighboring communities.


Creating learners through Pre-K literacy and violin. To cost-effectively create learners, by providing violin instruction that enhances literacy and focus, as well as social and motor skills, for pre-schoolers.

Have a Non-Profit? Need help with strategic planning, developing growth or starting your non-profit.

Contact me and we can schedule a consultation.

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